Star formation interstellar gas

credit: NASA, ESA. and Beckwith (STScI) and the HUDF Team

"A Star is Born" - a podcast program

A radio podcast program (3 episodes, 40 min each) in which I explain concepts from astronomy, cosmology, and physics, to the public, from the Big-Bang, through the formation and evolution of galaxies and stars, finishing with topics from my current research.

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This podcast program is part of "the Lab Project" of the Israeli broadcasting cooperation "Kan", where researchers and grad-students from diverse fields, explain their research and general science topics to the public

During my Ph.D. in Tel Aviv, I was an active member of the Tel-Aviv University's Astro-Club, an outreach organization operated by grad students from the Astronomy Department at Tel Aviv University.


We were organizing monthly lectures, open and free to the public, followed by telescope observations. In addition, we organize open house nights at the WISE observatory in Mitzpe Ramon and Perseid shower events. In these events, I gave introductory public talks on various topics and guided sky observations.

In the Press

"Chemistry in the turbulent interstellar medium" (Nov 2019)

Harvard's press release

News Network Archeology

"Water Could Have Been Abundant in the First Billion Years"


A Harvard - TAU press release that appeared in in the National Geographic journal and in the Ha'aretz newspaper, and in various web journals:


ScienceMag "Water may have been plentiful in universe's first billion years"


IFLScience "Was Water Abundant In The Early Universe?"


AstronomyNow "Was water abundant in the first billion years of the universe?"

and more.

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I am excited to be part of the CATS collaboration, with the aim of making science more accessible and open-source!

CATS (Catalog for Astrophysical Turbulence Simulations) 

is an open-source database of magneto-hydrodynamical simulations, open, and free for download, ready for science!

Check out our website

The paper is coming soon (ApJ. accepted!)